Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty

A non-surgical solution for nasal reshaping and modification.

In the realm of cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty stands as one of the most sought-after surgeries, consistently ranking among the top five cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States; however, the demand for less invasive alternatives has given rise to the popularity of Liquid Rhinoplasty. Liquid Rhinoplasty is a non-surgical approach that offers a viable solution for individuals seeking to enhance the aesthetics of their nose without the high cost, excessive downtime, or intense anxiety associated with traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

What is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid Rhinoplasty, also known as a non-surgical nose job, involves the strategic injection of dermal fillers to alter the shape of the nose. Liquid Rhinoplasty is particularly suitable for patients who are suffering from isolated deformities, dorsal humps, minor asymmetries, or those who have undergone previous rhinoplasty and are seeking minor refinements.

The appeal of Liquid Rhinoplasty lies in its instant results, affordability, and minimal downtime, making it an attractive option for those hesitant about surgical interventions or who have schedules that don’t allow for excessive downtime.

Liquid Rhinoplasty’s Key Benefits

Immediate Results

Unlike a traditional rhinoplasty which is high in cost and requires excessive downtime, Liquid Rhinoplasty offers instant visible results without the need for long a recovery time. Walk into our office and leave ready to show off your new nose to the world.

Highly Affordable

Liquid Rhinoplasty is a significantly lower-cost option than traditional rhinoplasties. While traditional rhinoplasties can cost several thousand dollars to complete, Liquid Rhinoplasties are considerably lower in cost.

Minimal Downtime

Traditional rhinoplasties and surgical interventions require weeks of downtime and recovery. Liquid Rhinoplasty is different. Liquid Rhinoplasty typically involves minimal to no downtime, which allows patients to resume normal activities promptly and show off the effects of their treatment almost immediately.

Possible Reversibility

Traditional rhinoplasties are permanent surgical changes to the nose. Changes made through Liquid Rhinoplasties are reversible and provide flexibility for individuals who are unsure about committing to permanent alterations to their aesthetic.

Non-Invasive Treatment

No need for thick, bulky bandages with Liquid Rhinoplasty. Experience no incisions or scarring, making it less invasive than traditional rhinoplasty.

Using Dermal Fillers for Rhinoplasty

Similar to other facial fillers, during a Liquid Rhinoplasty treatment, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected below the skin to add volume and reshape the nose without invasive methods. For those struggling with isolated deformities, dorsal humps, or minor asymmetries, Liquid Rhinoplasty is an excellent, noninvasive, and low-cost treatment option.

It is essential to note that for individuals with pre-existing large noses, Liquid Rhinoplasty inherently adds volume to the nose and may not be the right treatment option if patients are looking for smaller-appearing noses. Without a thorough understanding of nasal anatomy, complications such as vascular compromise, skin necrosis, and infections can arise, which is why it is imperative to work with providers trained in this treatment procedure.

At Pommier Med Spa, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible treatment for any of your facial and dermal filler needs, including Liquid Rhinoplasty procedures. Explore the possibilities of Liquid Rhinoplasty and embark on a journey to redefine your nasal aesthetics with confidence today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Liquid Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a non-surgical nose job, utilizes carefully injected dermal fillers to reshape the nose. This procedure is ideal for individuals dealing with specific issues such as dorsal humps, minor asymmetries, or seeking minor adjustments after a previous surgical rhinoplasty. What makes Liquid Rhinoplasty appealing is its immediate results, cost-effectiveness, and minimal downtime, making it a convenient choice for those who are cautious about surgical procedures or have busy schedules that limit extended recovery periods.

Is Liquid Rhinoplasty safe?

While considered a generally safe cosmetic nose procedure, Liquid Rhinoplasty should be performed by a licensed professional to avoid any potential severe complications such as fever, blurred vision, vascular complications, or vision loss.

Can Liquid Rhinoplasty make my nose smaller?

No, Liquid Rhinoplasty is not designed to make the nose smaller. Since Liquid Rhinoplasty involves adding dermal fillers to the nose, this treatment option is best to support addressing asymmetries, dorsal humps, and minor refinements to the nose.

How is a Liquid Rhinoplasty procedure completed?

Liquid Rhinoplasty involves injecting dermal fillers strategically into the area around and on the nose. A topical anesthetic will be applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure, which will last about 45 minutes.

How long do results last?

Like all dermal fillers, results from Liquid Rhinoplasty are temporary and will require additional treatments to maintain desired appearance. Most patients who undergo Liquid Rhinoplasty experience results that typically last up to six months.

Can I get Liquid Rhinoplasty after surgical rhinoplasty?

Yes, Liquid Rhinoplasty can be performed after a surgical rhinoplasty. Many patients undergo Liquid Rhinoplasty treatments after traditional rhinoplasties to seek final touches and refinements to the surgical treatment area.

Patients should wait at least one year after a traditional rhinoplasty before seeking a Liquid Rhinoplasty. This waiting time allows the nose to fully heal and “settle” before additional treatment to the same area.

Is there any downtime associated with Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Unlike a traditional rhinoplasty, there is no significant downtime associated with a Liquid Rhinoplasty treatment. Minor side effects like redness, swelling, and bruising may occur for a day or two after your procedure but should dissipate quickly and can be managed with home remedies. Please consult with our providers about potential side effects and post-treatment care after Liquid Rhinoplasty procedures.

Can a Liquid Rhinoplasty correct breathing problems?

No, a Liquid Rhinoplasty primarily addresses aesthetic concerns and cannot correct functional issues related to breathing. If you are searching for corrections to breathing problems, please consult with an ENT provider.

What happens if I don’t like the results after a Liquid Rhinoplasty?

During a Liquid Rhinoplasty procedure, results will become visible during the actual procedure, allowing collaboration between you and our providers to achieve the desired outcomes. If you are unsatisfied with the results, Liquid Rhinoplasty can be reversed, making it a good option for patients seeking cosmetic nose changes without permanency.