A neurotoxin injectable is a cosmetic-safe treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and creases by injecting the product into your skin.

These neurotoxins often target areas of particular concern, such as between your eyes, on your forehead, and around your eyes and neck. Neurotoxins block or relax individual facial muscles to stop contraction, softening the facial lines and giving the skin a smooth appearance.

Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau) are injected into facial muscles to temporarily and safely relax them for a more youthful appearance. Neurotoxins work by blocking the nerves that supply the muscles, halting communication between those muscles and the brain. This stops the messages from the brain, which cause the contraction of these specific muscle groups.

How Many Types of Neurotoxins are there?

Four types of Neurotoxins are available commercially in the USA: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau, which have the same active ingredient called Botulinum Toxin Type A. All these four Neurotoxins are available at Pommier Med Spa.

How Do Neurotoxins Work?

Neurotoxin injections diminish static and dynamic wrinkles by blocking the signals from the nerve to the muscles. Therefore, when neurotoxin is injected, the targeted muscle cannot contract normally. Consequently, the muscle doesn’t pull on the overlying skin. Thus, your fine lines and wrinkles go away. Neurotoxins are a great way to prevent wrinkles from forming.

How is the Neurotoxin Treatment Done at The Pommier Med Spa?

At the Pommier Med Spa, our highly experienced and qualified providers strive to bring forth the best results with the seamless and painless procedure of injectable neurotoxins. First, the skin of your treated area is cleansed, and a mild topical numbing cream might be applied to alleviate the discomfort if you desire. Then, the neurotoxin is injected into the treated area using a small thin needle. However, this injection is not painful, barely a pinch.

The consultation and discussion of your goals and history might take a little more time. However, the actual procedure takes just a few minutes.

What are The Benefits of Neurotoxins?

  • Neurotoxins are suitable and effective for skin rejuvenation goals.
  • They are approved by the FDA and have very few potential side effects, provided that you are an ideal candidate for neurotoxins. You can discuss your medical history with our highly qualified staff at Pommier Med Spa to know if Neurotoxins are suitable for you.
  • No downtime is required after the treatments. You can resume your daily activities seamlessly after the treatment.
  • Neurotoxins make you look rejuvenated, fresh, and energetic.
  • They don’t take much time to kick in fully and achieve the desired results.
  • Neurotoxins can be accompanied by other cosmetic procedures, such as fillers, to amplify the results.
  • The injection is painless, and the minimal discomfort can also be alleviated by numbing the skin of the treated area.

How Long Does the Effect of Neurotoxins Last?

The effect of all four neurotoxins lasts for about 3-6 months. It is recommended to get periodic touch-ups to maintain your look and have a youthful and radiant look over time.

What Should I Expect After the Treatment?

One of the best things about Neurotoxins is that no potential downtime is associated with neuromodulators. Most people get back to their regular routine right away after the treatment. However, you might experience mild swelling or bruising that will go away without having to use any medication.

The time required for the onset of the result depends on the neurotoxin that is being used.

NeurotoxinTime to Result Onset
Botox5-7 Days
Dysport2-5 Days
Xeomin2-5 Days
Jeuveau3-5 Days

Which Neurotoxin Should I Get?

Botulinum type A has become the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. Both men and women choose it to help with signs of aging and to eliminate dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by facial expressions like frowning, squinting, and smiling.

Here are some important factors to think about when deciding what neurotoxin injectable is right for you.


Botox is the most popular neurotoxin injectable and for a good reason! It’s been around the longest, so there is an excellent track record.  Its trusted formula targets areas like lip lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Botox also targets areas of the face where you may need a little more help with fine lines.

Considerations for Botox

If you’re looking to treat wrinkles that affect a specific area of your face, like the corners of your eyes or the middle of your forehead, Botox may be right for you. At your appointment, the injector decides how many units are needed before administering the treatment. Botox can also be used around your lips to add volume and temporarily make them appear fuller. In addition, Botox can reduce the appearance of a gummy smile and change the overall shape of your mouth.


Dysport was approved by the FDA in 2009, three years after Botox was cleared for use in America. Dysport has a faster onset than Botox, and its unique formula allows it to spread across larger areas with fewer injections. Dysport is one of the stronger formulas, and some people report that it lasts a little longer than Botox

Considerations for Dysport
Dysport is best suited for larger areas of the face, such as the forehead, and 11 lines that form between the eyebrows. Dysport is FDA-approved to treat cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis) or involuntary muscle contractions in the neck.


Xeomin is an injectable cosmetic treatment with a few things in common with Botox and Dysport. Unlike those two, Xeomin also boasts quick-acting results. That’s because it specifically has a double-filtered formula to remove unnecessary proteins, leaving only the active ingredient: Botulinum type A.

Xeomin is a neurotoxin designed to target fine lines like crow’s feet and dynamic wrinkles like 11 lines. Unlike Botox, which has proteins the body can train itself to build antibodies against, Xeomin is a great option for those resistant to Botox injections after having used it for years. Xeomin is the top choice of neurotoxin for those under 30 years old – because it often provides a softer and less “frozen” look. When used as a preventative treatment, Xeomin also can help reduce the appearance of new wrinkles and lines in the future.


Jeuveau is the “new tox” on the block. Like Botox, they both use purified Botulinum toxin to temporarily relax dynamic lines in the forehead and between the brows called 11’s or glabellar lines.  The difference is Botox contains onabotulinumtoxinA, and Jeuvau contains prabotuinumtoxinA, a slightly different formula, but the most significant difference is the price.  Jeuveau is at a lower price point for now.


Can I Get Neurotoxins Injections During Pregnancy?

It is not recommended to get neurotoxins treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In addition, it is not recommended to get a neurotoxin treatment if you have poor general health.

What is the Pre-Treatment Care for Neurotoxins Injection Treatment?

Medication and supplements such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and other medicines of this kind inhibit the blood clotting process and cause the thinning of the blood. Therefore, they can cause bruising after the treatment.

You should consult your physician before discontinuing your medications if you have any chronic medical condition.

What is Post-Treatment Care for Neurotoxin Injection Treatment?

It is highly recommended to minimize your UV radiation and sun exposure and wear a medical-grade sun spectrum (SPF 30 or above). Furthermore, you should avoid frequent muscular movement and a massage unless your provider recommends you to do so.

Injectables Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Neurotoxin injectables are non-surgical procedures that require a certain level of training, knowledge, and skill to administer them safely. Injectables are not a one-size-fits-all aesthetic solution. The type of injection you get, the number of units you get, and where they’re injected should be customized for your individual goals by trained specialists.

Neurotoxins at Pommier Med Spa

Want to see a reduction in fine lines or wrinkles across your face? Neurotoxin injectables may be the perfect solution. It’s always a good idea to combine multiple injectables or dermal fillers to achieve your treatment goals. Get in touch with Pommier Med Spa today, and one of our master injectors will be happy to create a customized treatment plan for you.