Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving or waxing? Ready to eliminate unwanted hair from your face and body? Consider the advantages of pain-free laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano ICE Laser at Pommier Med Spa. This FDA-approved laser treatment is a highly effective procedure offering a solution to eliminate undesired hair and unveiling beautifully smooth and stubble-free skin.

How is Pommier Med Spa different?

Pay-as-you-go pricing! At Pommier Med Spa, there are no expensive laser hair removal packages to buy. You only pay for what you need.


How is the Alma Soprano ICE Laser different?

The Alma Soprano ICE Laser uses SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology that delivers results for stubborn, fine, and light hairs that may be difficult for other laser treatments to catch. This groundbreaking technique involves a gradual elevation of skin temperature to effectively target hair follicles and inhibit regrowth while simultaneously cooling the skin’s surface. This technology significantly decreases the risk of burns and minimizes discomfort. This also ensures a minimal impact on surrounding tissues, prioritizing safety and effectiveness.

Secure Option for All Skin Tones

Unlike other laser treatments that subject hair follicles to solitary, high-energy pulses that can cause distress to melanin-rich skin types, the Alma Soprano ICE Laser gradually elevates the skin’s temperature until the desired level of energy reaches the follicles, ensuring a safe hair removal option for patients with darker skin.

Speed and Precision

Alma Soprano ICE Laser’s SHR technology is faster than traditional hair removal methods. Treatment involves applying energy to large areas which helps to ensure full coverage and improves overall results.

With no downtime following the procedure, the Alma Soprano ICE Laser is a great option for busy schedules. At the Pommier Med Spa, a certified medical aesthetician and laser technician will perform the procedure and answer any of your questions on pre and post-treatment care.

Treatment for all the right places

Laser hair removal can be performed on nearly every area of the body except for skin areas with tattoos. Popular treatment areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • arms/underarms
  • chin
  • upper lip
  • unibrow
  • face
  • ears
  • back
  • chest/breasts
  • buttocks
  • bikini area/manzillian
  • legs

Results you need to see to believe

Expected results may not be immediate. Gradual shedding of hair will begin over the weeks following treatment, leaving you with beautiful, soft, hair-free skin.

Minimal side effects

Given the nature of this procedure, side effects may include skin irritation, temporary discomfort, redness, swelling, or sensitivity. Symptoms are typically mild and resolve quickly, usually within hours after treatment.

Our Commitment to You

At Pommier Med Spa, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to effectively treat unwanted hair for a diverse range of skin tones. In consultation with our providers, we work closely with you to create an optimal treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure to eliminate undesired hair from the body and face using intense beams of light known as lasers. This treatment can be applied to nearly any area of the body, providing sustained hair removal relative to traditional hair removal methods.

Does laser hair removal work on lighter-colored hair?

Traditionally, the greater the difference between the color of the hair follicle and the color of the skin, the more effective the laser hair removal process. The Alma Soprano ICE laser is effective for lighter hair types. People with lighter hair colors or darker skin color typically require more treatments to achieve sustained hair removal.

Is laser hair removal safe?

The Alma Soprano ICE Laser is safe for all skin types, including darker skin which typically is more sensitive to the heat used with traditional laser hair removal methods.

At Pommier Med Spa, treatments are performed by certified medical aestheticians and laser technicians who are there to provide support before and after treatment.

What should I do to prepare for laser hair removal?

Prior to laser hair removal, all areas to be treated should be shaved the day before or the day of your treatment. Long hairs can interfere with the laser and can increase the risk of burning during the session.

Waxing and plucking services should be avoided for at least 6 weeks prior to treatment to avoid color issues during treatment.

Laser hair removal is most effective on skin that has not been exposed to the sun. Sun exposure should also be limited for at least 6 weeks prior to your session to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Each individual is different! Some people achieve long-lasting hair removal within 3-5 sessions; however, some require more treatments to achieve their goals. This is why Pommier Med Spa offers pay-as-you-go pricing so that we can help each individual achieve long-lasting hair removal.

Additionally, the frequency of sessions is tailored to the rate of hair regrowth in the region being treated. Areas that experience rapid hair regrowth may need to be treated every 4 to 6 weeks. Areas that experience slow hair regrowth may require treatment every 10 to 12 weeks. It is essential to time the treatments to treat the hairs during the phase of new hair growth.