Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of shaving or waxing to remove unwanted hair from your face and body, laser hair removal may be a better option. Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved, effective treatment that removes unwanted hair, revealing a smooth, stubble-free surface.

Unwanted hair is a common concern for men and women. Fortunately, you can undergo laser hair removal on almost any region of your body, including the armpits, bikini area, legs, back face, and more.


What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure aimed at removing unwanted hair from your body and face using a concentrated beam of light called Lasers. Laser stands for Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Therefore, hair removal treatment can be used to treat almost every part of your body, and results are relatively long-lasting compared to conventional hair removal treatments.

How does laser hair removal work?

It works by focusing a small beam of gentle, concentrated light onto the dark hairs. The laser’s beam damages the hair follicle and sends it into a resting state which prevents it from growing.

This hair removal gently removes your unwanted hair by emitting a concentrated beam of light. During the treatment, the light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, creating heat. The heat then damages the hair follicles that are just below your skin, which prevents or slows new hair growth.

Destroying hair follicles would cut them off from the supply of new strands that produce the conditioner. A precision laser can target hair follicles without damaging the skin. After the treatment, any remaining hair or regrowth will be finer and lighter in color than the original.

Is laser hair removal safe?

At the Pommier Med Spa, a certified medical aesthetician and laser technician performs the procedure and are very knowledgeable about the topic.

How long does an appointment for laser hair removal take?

Laser hair removal typically takes about an hour. The length of your appointment will depend on the size of the area you’re treating and how thick your hair or body hair is. For smaller areas, like the upper lip, 10 minutes is enough time; for larger areas, such as the legs, an hour may be necessary.

Does laser hair removal work on light-colored hair?

To ensure a successful hair removal treatment, people with dark hair will have better results. For example, laser hair removal is most effective on individuals with brown or black hair. As you can see, it doesn’t respond as well on people with lighter hair colors, such as blonde, red or gray.

What should I know before my treatment?

Toward the end of your consultation, your medical provider will go over what you should do to prepare for your treatment. We recommend that you shave before your appointment. The hair mustn’t be too long, as this can result in ineffective treatment with the laser, as it will focus on the hair and not the follicle. You should also avoid waxing and plucking for at least six weeks, as this can lead to color issues during treatment. Avoid sun exposure for six weeks before your appointment. This can lead to unpredictable outcomes during the treatment of areas like your face.

How many treatments will I need?

For best results, laser hair removal treatments must be spaced apart, depending on how quickly the hair grows in an area and the cycle of hair growth at the time of the appointment. There are three phases for hair growth; anagen, catagen, and telogen. We can take care of existing and new hair follicles by performing treatments at different stages.

The length of time for which the treatment needs to be repeated will depend on the particular area being treated. For example, in places like the upper lip, where hair growth is fast, it may need to be redone every four to eight weeks. But in areas that grow hair at a slower pace, like the back, it may need to be done every 10-12 weeks.

Hair loss and growth happen in a cycle, so targeting them during the new-growth stage is important. That’s another reason why multiple laser hair removal sessions are recommended. Your medical provider will develop a custom treatment plan to target the areas you’re trying to remove unwanted hair.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

A laser hair removal appointment is typically quick and is not too painful. Most patients do not even need an anesthetic for the procedure, but it is always offered. There is no downtime following the appointment, which means it’s easy to find a spare hour on your lunch break to come in and get rid of unwanted hair!

How soon can you start seeing the results?

After a laser hair removal treatment, you may not see the expected results. You may still have hair on your skin 1-3 days after your treatment, but you will experience gradual shedding over the next few weeks. This means that you will still notice shedding of hair while growing hair follicles to replace it–over that period, there is typically no change in appearance.

What areas can be treated?

Laser hair removal is effective for nearly all body parts, with the exception of skin with tattoos. The process cannot be done on the following parts of the body:

  • arms
  • underarms
  • chin
  • upper lip
  • cheeks
  • neck
  • abs
  • breasts
  • buttocks
  • bikini area
  • legs and toes

Are there any side effects to laser hair removal?

There are very few adverse side effects from getting laser hair removal. You may sometimes experience skin irritation, temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling are possible after laser hair removal. Any signs and symptoms typically disappear within several hours.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

Unlike other laser hair removal providers, we utilize cutting-edge laser technology to treat all skin tone variations. Earlier generations of laser technology were only able to effectively treat patients with dark hair and light skin, so the laser could more easily decipher the pigment within the hair. Through our advanced lasers, our treatments are inclusive and can accommodate all skin tones.

However, it is essential to know that laser hair removal is only effective for dark hair follicles that contain melanin. Light-colored hair follicles that are blonde, red, or gray may not respond to laser hair removal.

When considering laser hair removal, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan ideal for your needs. During your complimentary consultation, you will meet with our expert Medical Staff, where we will go over your questions, concerns, and desired results.

Why Pommier MedSpa for Laser Hair Removal?

At Pommier Med Spa, we’re committed to providing you with the best treatments available. We’ll craft a personalized plan to address your unique skin and body care concerns. So you will see your best self when you look in the mirror, and this is what we deliver for our friends at Pommier Med Spa.