Sculptra is a dermal filler injectable aimed at smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and restoring the contours on the face.

Developing fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles is a natural part of aging as we grow older. When our body’s collagen and elastin levels start to decrease in our 20s, we lose volume and elasticity, resulting in less taut, sagging, hallowed skin.

Sculptra is a cutting-edge injectable that combats natural aging by regenerating collagen production. It targets stubborn smile lines, chin wrinkles, and other aging concerns and is an FDA-approved injectable that addresses the underlying cause of facial aging. In addition, the treatment gives you supple skin and lasts up to two years.


What is Sculptra?

The FDA-approved injection is a quick, effective, and low-cost option that replaces lost collagen over time. It’s an easy treatment that doesn’t require downtime like other procedures.

How Does It Work?

Your Sculptra provider will inject the treatment into your dermal plane, meaning it will go between the skin and your muscle tissues. The injection contains a PLLA stimulator that addresses the underlying structure of your skin. This will smooth out lines, wrinkles, and sagging for noticeably younger-looking skin. Best of all, the injection goes where collagen needs help, restoring your damaged skin.

Like other injectable treatments, not all Sculptra treatments provide the same results. To optimize your results and minimize side effects, you’ll want a trained and experienced provider with expertise in the placement, depth, and amount of product to inject.

How is Sculptra Treatment Done?

At Pommier Med Spa, your highly qualified and experienced provider will discuss your goals, needs, requirements, and medical history in detail. When the consultation is done, the procedure starts. Your skin of the treated area is cleansed and a topical numbing cream is applied to minimize the tenderness of the injection.

This treatment takes approximately 20-60 minutes to be done.

What are the Benefits?

  • Sculptra is a hypo-allergenic mixture of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and body and tissue. Therefore, it is very effective in smoothening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It boosts the production of natural collagen to eliminate skin laxity and sagging skin and make it look youthful, firm, and tighter.
  • The results are found very long-lasting. Contrary to the other fillers, you can enjoy the results of Sculptra for approximately 2 years.
  • It restores the volume of your face that you have faced due to aging, weakness, or any other reason.
  • It makes your skin look healthier, even, and brighter.
  • It is a minimally-invasive and painless treatment that doesn’t require any downtime.

What Facial Areas Can Be Treated with Sculptra?

With Sculptra treatment, you can improve the appearance on multiple parts of your face, including the temples, under eyes, jowls, and marionette lines. Plus, nasolabial folds and cheeks get a boost as well.

How long does Sculptra last?

The results of treatment are gradual, with maximum results appearing two years after the procedure. Two years after treatment, the collagen layer that has formed is likely to last an additional two years. The time it takes for a result varies by patient.

Is Sculptra a filler?

Sculptra is a collagen stimulator, not a filler. Unlike other fillers that contain Hyaluronic acid, Sculptra injections do not contain any product that adds volume to the face. Instead, it addresses the underlying cause of lost volume. Sculptra causes a reaction that prompts your body’s natural response to produce new collagen.

Is Sculptra safe?

This treatment has been FDA-approved and considered safe due to its low side effects. The poly-L-lactic acid injection is biodegradable, breaks down easily, and gets absorbed in the body. Side effects, such as redness, bruising, tenderness, and injection site pain, are very mild and temporary.

Who is a candidate?

Sculptra is a great option if you want more youthful-looking results that are natural-looking. This treatment is ideal for people who have been less fortunate in the aging department and now need to address facial hollowing or volume loss.

What should I know before my appointment?

During your initial consultation, a Sculptra provider at Pommier Med Spa reviews your medical history, current skin condition, and aesthetic goals to determine if this is the best treatment. Your provider can then create a customized treatment plan for you. It may require multiple sessions over the course of several months to achieve your goals.

What are the Pre-treatment Care Instructions?

  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before and after the treatment.
  • Avoid using skincare products that contain hydroquinone, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, etc.
  • Avoid Ginkgo Biloba, garlic supplements, flax oil, green tea, Vitamin A, E & other essential oils.
  • Avoid sun and other UV radiation exposure.

At Pommier Med Spa, we strongly recommend avoiding drugs that may cause bruising or bleeding, including Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen and Advil. We also advise not drinking alcohol 24 hours before your appointment because it might increase your risk of bruising and swelling.

What are the Post Treatment Care Instructions?

The non-invasive treatment side effects are minimal, so you’ll be able to go back to your daily activities as usual. There’s no downtime required, so it should work well around your schedule. In some cases, Arnica cream may need to be used post-treatment for reduced bruising.

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